“Achievement for All”

Curriculum Vision: 

“To develop a curriculum which sustains success for our students at Perry Beeches III that will be both innovative, exciting and pushes all students to fulfil their potential. It will engage the whole school community to raise both standards and aspirations,via outstanding teaching that ensures excellence enabling all students to achieve”.

At Perry Beeches III our identity as a learning community is extremely important to us. We believe that every student is capable of excellence and encourage every student to push themselves and achieve their potential. We aim to set high standards for all our students and expect “Excellence for and from all”.

From the beginning of Year 7 we want all of our students to experience not only a broad and balanced curriculum, but also to develop skills that will help them become responsible and independent learners. We also look to our curriculum to promote the social, moral spiritual and cultural development of our students, and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Perry Beeches III’s aim is to enable each individual to develop their maximum potential through a stimulating and challenging curriculum and by carefully monitoring each student’s social and academic progress.

Our arrangements are designed to ensure that:

  • All students receive the broad and balanced education needed for life in the 21st century
  • All students experience a range of teaching and learning styles
  • Students of all abilities can achieve success
  • Parents are kept well informed about the progress of their children
  • Students are given guidance about the choice of subjects studied during the Spring Term of Year 9
  • Students are prepared for life after Perry Beeches

The curriculum consists of:

  • A variety of subjects 
  • A wide range of activities which supplement and enhance the timetable, including Curriculum Enrichment Days.
  • Themes which occur in a planned way across several subjects, including such things as Black History Month and LGBT.

Perry Beeches III aims to provide the best possible education to meet the individual needs of all of our learners, to help them develop to their full potential giving them a set of qualifications that will give them life chances beyond Perry Beeches. At Perry Beeches there are a variety of learning support opportunities in place that students may access during their time here:

  • Support programmes based on academic tracking and mentoring, pastoral support and SEND mentoring
  • Personalised timetables where appropriate
  • Additional Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • Support from external groups in partnership with the school
Key Stage 3:

The KS3 Curriculum will be broad and balanced, with the priority of English and Maths from the start of the students learning journey at Perry Beeches III. All will follow a two week timetable where each lesson is 60 minutes long. The students will follow a programme of study, for each subject, for the number of lessons over a fortnight, as detailed below.























N.B. in option subjects, students have been able to reduce the contact time in four performing arts subjects (Art,Music,Drama and PE). Which has created an additional 3 periods for their chosen option.

Key Stage 4:

































Compulsory Subjects

  • GCSE Double Science – AQA
  • GCSE Mathematics – Edexcel
  • GCSE English Language – AQA
  • GCSE English Literature – AQA
  • GCSE Geography – OCR or GCSE History – OCR
  • GCSE French – AQA * Some students
  • Core PE
  • PSHE/Citizenship


Options Subjects

  • GCSE Art & Design: Fine Art – AQA
  • GCSE Art & Design: Textiles – AQA
  • GCSE Music – OCR
  • GCSE Computer Science – Edexcel
  • GCSE Food Nutrition & Preparation – AQA
  • GCSE Drama – AQA
  • ECDL -BCS (British Computer Society)
  • (Vocational) Health and Social Care – OCR
  • (Vocational) Child Development – OCR
Contact Points

To contact someone in relation to a particular faculty or curriculum area, please visit the Faculties section here











To contact someone in relation to Pastoral matters, please refer to the table below.